Sabaneta: Medellin – Antioquia – Headquarters (Delegation Headquarters)

Founded in 1967, it began as a house of formation, headquarters of the Delegation Government and a house of welcome for the sisters who, due to different circumstances, arrived there.
This community is made up of sisters who perform various tasks: they care for the people they receive in the part of the house destined for Spiritual Encounters, there are two sisters who are teachers in educational institutions, others study and carry out apostolates in peripheral neighborhoods, in catechesis, care for the sick and collaborate in parish pastoral work.
The Mary Mediatrix Educational Institution, owned by the Congregation, operates here and salaries are subsidized by the government.

Missionaries of Mary Mediatrix

50 S. ST. Nº:43A-85
Sabaneta (Antioquia)
Tel: 0057-42882060
Fax: 0057-43011299