Bogotá: Casa Nostra

The Fundación Instituto Tecnológico del Sur, in the Archdiocese of Bogotá, has social works, one of which is the “Casa Nostra” Geriatric Home, located in the El Carmelo neighborhood, in the Sagrada Familia parish.
This work was initiated in 1965 by Monsignor Sebastián Bonjorn Sales from Catalonia, Spain, who arrived in the Colombian missions in 1964.
The Missionaries of Mary Mediatrix, invited by Father José del Carmen Carrillo, current director of the Work, we began our missionary presence on February 8, 2015.
This home, under an existing agreement with the District’s Social Integration Secretariat, benefits 90 elderly adults, 75% of whom are in a severe condition and the rest are slightly mobile; for their care there is a doctor as general director of the homes, a coordinator and a team of professional staff, administrative personnel and general services. The service for the elderly is completely free of charge.
The mission of the sisters consists mainly of making sure that administratively everything runs smoothly, taking care of the elderly in everything they need both materially and spiritually, having good relations with all the personnel who work there, collaborating in the pastoral care of the parish and education at the Technological Institute, and being a witness of life that calls and helps them to grow.

Southern Institute of Technology

Missionaries of Mary Mediatrix
Diagonal 52 B SOUTH – Nº 26-80
Bº El Carmelo