“Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel.” Mc. 16,15

The proper mission of the Congregation is “to follow Christ, the missionary of the Father, evangelizing people of all peoples, especially the poor.

“. Responding to the apostolic mandate: “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel”.

Fraternal life in community is our first form of evangelization. From our community life in simplicity, acceptance and spirit of service, we aspire to be leaven in the Church, sharing what we are with the poorest and neediest.

The witness of consecrated life, mutual love and a deep union with God who sends us, are the greatest strength we can bring to the extension of the Kingdom.

Our Congregation establishes itself with preference in those places most in need of evangelization.

Missionary Friends of Mary Mediatrix

In response to the wishes of our Mother Foundress, we are starting a group of lay missionaries.
We offer the laity the possibility of living their Christian identity, sharing our charism and mission from their own family environment, being a joyful witness in their homes and in the environments in which they are projected.