“Love one another as I have loved you.” Jn. 15,12

The idea that gave rise to the Charism was: “To give birth in the Church to a group of Christian women who would intensify their love for people, their filial love for Mary and their love for the mystery of the living Christ who is His Church, and to reproduce in this time, the life of the first disciples of the Lord, who, full of faith, abandoned all their possessions, just to follow Him and announce the Good News to those who did not know Him”.

We aspire to reproduce and continue in the church the unity and love of the primitive community, living the commandment of the Lord “Love one another as I have loved you”, under the action and maternal gaze of Mary in her role as Mediatrix, in obedience to the Vicar of Christ and announcing the Good News of the Kingdom to all men, with preference to the poorest and neediest”.

“To actualize the unity and love of the first communities, available for missionary sending, in the joyful fullness of a true ecclesial communion.”

We profess filial love for Mary whom we contemplate at the center of the community as at Pentecost.
Mary is for us mother and model and we honor her as our patroness in the mystery of her universal mediation.

We feel deeply identified with the Church, and we receive through Her, our apostolic mission which consists of “Following Christ the Missionary of the Father, evangelizing and bringing to all men His message of salvation”.

All the sisters form a family; we live in communities of faith, apostolic mission and fraternal love; this is our main form of evangelization.