Pueblorrico: Antioquia

Founded on January 4, 1964, it was the first house of the Congregation in Colombia. It is a seed of vocations, moved by the enthusiasm and joy of the first sisters who have given their living witness of generous dedication to their brothers and sisters.
The mission of this house is to provide shelter, welcome and above all a warm home for young people and rural children who want to improve their lives and live in remote areas where they have no possibility of attending schools or colleges to study.
This house is the center of the population, where all social, religious, family, peasant leader and municipal association events are held.

The Sisters also participate in the parish pastoral, attend to the sick, visit the families of the peasant children in their villages, where they spend the weekend and one sister works in education in a public school.

Missionaries of Mary Mediatrix

Pueblorrico (Antioquia)
Colombia S.A.
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