Saravena: Arauca

It was founded on January 17, 1972. The objective was to insert ourselves in a mission territory, bringing the Good News of the Gospel to the poorest and neediest through urban and rural pastoral education.
The sisters have worked hard and have achieved the integral, Christian, intellectual and moral formation of the young people who today lead the leadership of the region, through the national school “La Frontera”.

In the pastoral field there has been an itinerant team that took the Gospel message to the villages and hamlets, responsibly preparing the way for the Priest to celebrate the Sacraments. At one time this mission had been suspended due to the socio-political situation, but now, thanks to God, it has been resumed.

The sisters have been a mediation and bridge for the local people, especially in situations of violent death and illness. Social pastoral work continues in the neighborhoods, visiting and encouraging families and promoting them as a whole.

Missionaries of Mary Mediatrix

Saravena (Arauca)
Colombia S.A.