Gudalur: T. Nadu

The “Hope” house, for poor and abandoned elderly people; it is located on the slope of a mountain planted with tea and pepper; about 40 elderly people live here; they do not pay anything. The tea plantation is coordinated by a sister; a group of women goes out every day to pick the tea leaves. One day a week the sisters go out to the city to shop and also pick up what the food stores give them for the elderly, such as rice, vegetables, eggs, some clothes and soap. Another thing that is happening is that many people in town, when they celebrate a family event, bring food to the elderly. This mountain breathes peace. In addition, the elderly are integrated into the religious activities organized by the sisters.
A house of prayer is currently being built for people who wish to have a more intimate relationship with the Lord.

In 2013, the house of prayer “Ave Maria” was opened in Gudalur, in response to the desire of Mother Rosario to have a house for prayer, where our missionaries, after a strong time of mission, could go to regain strength to continue the journey and so that many people thirsty for God, could meet Him more directly and could contemplate Him.

Maria Mediatrix Convent
(Asha Bhavan)
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Nilgiris, T.Nadu
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