Shathavahana Nagar: A.P. Province Headquarters

This house was built in 2004 as the headquarters of the Delegation of India and as a house of welcome and meeting place for all the sisters who, for various reasons, come to this place. This house is the result of the efforts of many people. We remember with affection and gratitude all the support and generous contribution of benefactors, volunteers and different organizations that have collaborated to make this project possible.
In 2013 it became a Province. The Government of the Province is responsible for the coordination, organization, supervision and evaluation of all the apostolic activities of each of the communities and the integral growth of the sisters in this country.

Maria Mediatrix Convent
Delegate Hause
Shathavahana Nagar
Road Nº 1. Plot Nº.45.L.B.NAGAR
Hyderabad 500074 – A.P.
Tel: 0091- 4024036585