Kashinagar: Orissa

Orissa is one of the poorest states in India. The sisters are fully committed to development work with these people.
Here they are responsible for motivating and supporting education. Many children have to work in the fields as day laborers to help their parents and the meager family economy; the sisters coordinate a program to help the elderly who come every day to get food, which they distribute: it consists of a plate of rice with a spicy sauce; on very few occasions they can have meat, eggs or fish. Also, at this moment, a project of small houses for widows is being carried out, financed by the Esteban G. Vigil Foundation.
There is a small dispensary, where they serve the people of the village.
One of the most important works is the GREHANI course, which is the training of young women from the interior tribes. The purpose is the training and development of women. They prepare them a little to know how to defend themselves in life and raise a family. There is a boarding school for young children from the tribes. The sisters visit families, collaborate in parish and social pastoral work. In the afternoons, the sisters give classes to the working children who take care of the livestock.

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