What is a General Chapter?

It is a communal, synodal and collaborative spiritual discernment on the state of the Congregation where a mission and life project for the next six years is elaborated together with the election of the government that will lead the Congregation. (p. 7)

A General Chapter is an act of charismatic sovereignty. It is listening to the great biblical texts of the Covenant, the texts of the foundation, the great texts of tradition, the lived experience of the first community. (p. 31)

A chapter should be concerned not only with the members of the institute, but also with the institute itself, with the charismatic heritage that is to be transmitted from generation to generation. (p. 34)

Taken from the bookCelebrar Capítulos para la Vida y no para los proyectos“, José Cristo Rey G. Paredes / Luis A. Gonzalo Díez.

“The General Chapter, as the supreme internal authority of the Congregation, authentically represents the whole Congregation and collegially expresses the participation, responsibility and care of all the sisters for the good of the Congregational Community, both for its life and its missionary action. The General Chapter is an authentic and true sign of the unity of all the Sisters”. (Const. no. 197).