House of Charity – Pavia

The house of “Charity” is a project of the Diocese of Pavia; founded in 2007, it is located in the center of the city; the purpose of this house is to welcome sick people and their companions, who for various reasons have to travel from other distant places in Italy to be treated in the Hospital. The house has capacity for 50 people, with double rooms, they give a voluntary collaboration according to the capacity of each one, there are people who cannot contribute anything to the expenses, for being of scarce economic resources; it also provides services to the emigrants, with classes of Italian, Spanish, sewing, employment counseling. Three sisters coordinate this work, together with a group of volunteers; they visit the sick in the parish, bringing communion; they help in the pastoral work of the Diocese and collaborate with Diocesan and Parish Caritas.

Casa della Carita
Via Pedotti No. 14
27100 Pavia
Tel: 0039-038223138
0039-038223429 Cdad