Esteban G. Vigil Foundation

The Esteban G. Vigil Foundation’s objective is “Cooperation for development and the fight against social exclusion”. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, made up of Missionaries of Mary Mediatrix and professionals from different fields who contribute their experience and knowledge to the management of resources and their channeling to different projects.

The FEGV has a large number of volunteers and collaborators who, with their contributions of both work and money, make possible the implementation and sustainability of the development projects managed by the Missionaries.

Among its programs are: scholarships for children from low-income families in: India, Colombia, Malawi, Honduras. Helping the elderly in; Malawi, India and Colombia.

Foundation’s account number: 2038-1095-73-6000438186 BANKIA

Esteban G. Vigil Foundation
C/ Villamanín 31, 4º B, 28011 MADRID