Cordoba: San Pelayo

San Pelayo is located on the Atlantic coast of Colombia, in the Department of Cordoba, its people are very welcoming, cheerful and simple, with a great desire to excel.

The Community was founded on January 31, 1988. Monsignor Darío Molina, Bishop. With the objective of inserting ourselves among the poorest and neediest, in the work of Evangelization, sharing with them the life from the human-spiritual accompaniment.

One sister is a teacher in the local school, another is responsible for orienting teachers for religion classes in rural schools. Pastoral work is very extensive not only in the urban but also in the rural areas.
The situation of the environment leads the sisters to live in fidelity by being witnesses to the love of God the Father who welcomes and is merciful.

Missionaries of Mary Mediatrix

Cural House
San Pelayo (Córdoba)
Colombia S.A.