Avila: Piedralaves

It is the first house where the sisters lived when they left the enclosure of Bayona (Pontevedra) in 1951. It was erected as a novitiate house. Father Esteban González Vigil lived in this place until his death.
There is a semi-public chapel where the sisters have direct contact with the townspeople and vacationers.
The remains of our Founders Mother Rosario Fernández Pereira and Father Esteban G. Vigil and some of our deceased sisters rest in the crypt of this house.
It is the place where the sisters gather in the summer for ongoing formation courses, Christmas and Easter, and vacation periods.
Attached to this house, there is the Mairena house, where groups of young people from parishes or schools stay on weekends or during vacation periods. It is held as a service of welcome and evangelization.

Missionaries of Mary Mediatrix

16 Norberto Glaser St.
05440 Piedralaves
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